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GDi Group (shortly "GDi"), GDi is an innovative provider of products, platforms, related professional services and solutions in the field of geoinformation/GIS/geodata and telecom industry information systems. 
GDi products include: 

  • GDi ENSEMBLE: a business VAS suite, incl. LBS 
  • GDi VIZION: a set of highly-efficient telco OSS 
  • GDi ATLAS: information content products and maps 
  • GDi LOCALIS: product platform for local government 
  • GDi CONVIVO: a method of delivering GDi products as Cloud Services (SaaS, Paas, Iaas, Daas) 

Having started in 1989 as a geinformation applications company in its core region of central and southeastern Europe (CEE/SEE), GDi Group now it that core region has 8 GDi GISDATA local operating companies with staff of almost 150 in 14 offices in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. 
GDi has more than 4,000 clients, mostly in Europe, but also in Latin America and USA, and few even in Asia. 
GDi Group bases its comprehensive effective solutions and its application specific products on technologically leading, robust, standards-compliant, market-proven technology platforms such as: 

  • Esri ArcGIS 
  • ArcFM by AED SICAD 
  • CellularExpert from HNIT Baltic and GiraPlan from Progira 
  • Trimble, Aplicom and Falcon positioning 
  • GeoEye and Digital Globe imagery 
  • ERP integrati, with SAP R/3, MS Dynamics Navision. 
  • Oracle database and BEA WebLogic, Java

GDi provides specialized solution products and services needed for success in telecom, media and eGovernment industry.


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GDi GRUPA d.o.o.

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Baštijanova 52a, 4. kat 10000 Zagreb

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Baštijanova 52a, 4. kat 10000 Zagreb

Telefon: +385-1-366-7666
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  • Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Europa
  • Hrvatska
  • Makedonija
  • Mađarska
  • Slovenija
  • Srbija
  • Ukrajina


  • Esri
  • GIS
  • Software Developing Tools


  • Geodata
  • GIS
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Java


GDi ATLAS represents a set of products created by our specialized team for geographic data production and database driven cartography. Many years of dedicated work resulted with a huge portfolio of off-the-shelf geoinformation content products for CEE and SEE suitable for general urban and rural mapping purposes, socio-economic and demographic analysis, points of interest search and query, address, settlements and ZIP based geocoding, 3D terrain and buildings visualization and planning, land use/land cover analysis and computation.


  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Digital Elevation Model – City level
  • Digital Atlases
  • Digital Atlases of Cities
  • GDi ATLAS Roads
  • Geodemographic Data
  • LULC/Clutter
  • LULC/Clutter – City level
  • 3D Building models
  • Points of Interest
  • Digital Orthophoto
  • Thermal imagery

See our GDi ATLAS brochure!

GDi LOCALIS is a product platform for local government and local government owned communal utilities companies providing support for range G2C processes including permits management, land use planning, greenery and vegetation management, publiclights, small utilities and many other.

GDi LOCALIS configurable, cloud enabled solutions help you to resolve many challenges in operating regional and local government while having implementation at the optimum level of cost

See our GDi LOCALIS brochure!

Networks are becoming extremely complex. Operators have to mix and manage more and more technologies, including Fiber To The X (FTTx), IP and Passive Optical Networks, in order to support the rush of new services, such as Triple Play, Voice over IP (VoIP), IP-TV and Metro Ethernet. As a result, the need for a planning and engineering system that can support any network, any technology and any type of equipment right down to the individual glass fiber is critical. It is the key to knowing where customers are located, linking them to the network, and efficiently managing the quality of converged services.

As a central data repository with the ability to track current, historical, and planned inventory and layouts, GDi VIZION solutions facilitates data flow between Operations Support Systems (OSSs) and across functional areas. The result: Up-to-date data views are accessible not only to engineers, but also to strategic planning, sales and marketing organizations, field crews, call-before-you-dig centers, Web users and management. Better collaboration and real-time data sharing can lead to major improvements in flow through provisioning, service assurance, procurement and workforce management.

See our GDi VIZION brochure!

GDi ENSEMBLE is the uniquely positioned value added services enabler with a range of COTS applications available for residential and business telecom customers. GDi ENSEMBLE is used by major telecommunication operators, alliances and groups in Central and Eastern Europe.

GDi ENSEMBLE is the value added services platform with unique blend of service oriented capabilities provided to GDi ENSEMBLE applications and other 3PP services. GDi ENSEMBLE provides single sing on, authorization and user management, mapping, messaging, reverse geocoding, routing, ticketing and many other capabilities which greatly reduce time to market.

GDi ENSEMBLE comes with a large applications store including COTS applications in key service groups: Fun and Games, Family and Friends, Information, B2C, Track&Trace, Business and Social Media.

See our GDi ENSEMBLE brochure!


The GDi CONVIVO is a method, architecture and infrastructure used to provide GDi products to our customers by using software, platforms, infrastructure and data as a service. GDi CONVIVO is based on cloud computing principles and gives you the fastest way to market with lowest risk and shortest time to start generating revenue or increase efficiency. GDi delivers, manages and maintains cloud based infrastructure, platforms, applications and data used by telecommunication operators, national governments, local governments and others.  The GDi CONVIVO IaaS provides basic connectivity, network transport and access, managed datacenter premises, virtual private networking and web hosting. The GDi CONVIVO PaaS provides GDi ENSEMBLE Platform and RDBMS. The GDi CONVIVO SaaS component makes the GDi ENSEMBLE Business and Personal, GDi LOCALIS and GDi GEOSS available to end users over Internet. The GDi ATLAS DaaS is provided as GDiCONVIVO web mapping services.

See our GDi CONVIVO brochure!

GDi FIELD MAP is an offline Android application for organizing, reviewing and updating data in the field. It is a simple and easy to learn tool for inspectors, field engineers, supervisors, environmental researchers and other employees who need their organizational data to be reviewed and updated in the field. GDi Field Map provides tools to manage data, review data updates, manage bookmarks, zoom to GPS location and attach photos. There are two editions available to accommodate different customers’ requirements, GDi Field Map Server and GDi Field Map Desktop. Both editions include Android application for the simple and effective editing of your own map that you have prepared in ArcMap.

A simplified, free version of GDi Field Map is available for the demo purpose (GDi Field Map Demo) on Google Play Store.


GDi Services - ConsultingDevelopmentImplementation

Building a successful GIS requires specific background spanning from general IT, through specific subject matter expertise in the area of application to geographic, cartographic and geodetic knowledge. Many users realize they don’t have all the necessary resources for the full implementation of GIS they need. Then they turn to GDi GISDATA for professional services of its experts. GDi GISDATA’s consultants are skilled, trained, committed to user business goals and experienced through a number of projects.

Training Services

Education and training are keys to every successful GIS implementation and understanding challenges of getting and keeping workforce skills and knowledge up-to-date. Our educational products cover a variety of topics related to GIS science, GIS applications, Remote Sensing and GPS technology.

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