AG04 Innovative Solutions d.o.o.

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We are an award-winning, full-service software delivery agency. As one of Central Europe’s fastest-growing companies, our work spans many industries.
The agency was founded in 2014 by seasoned industry veterans with experience from large enterprises. A group of Java engineers then evolved into a full-service company that builds complex web and mobile applications. We also lead digital transformations and provide consulting services. 
Flexibility is our strong suit — both large enterprises and startups use our services. We are now widely recognized as the leading regional experts in the Java platform and Agile approach.
What once started with 5 people now counts more than 100 satisfied employees. Keeping them happy was always our top priority.
We don’t measure success in the number of products but years of successful partnerships.


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AG04 Innovative Solutions d.o.o.

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Ul. Republike Austrije 33, HR-10000 Zagreb

Telefon: +385 98 998 1532
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  • Austrija
  • Njemačka
  • Švicarska
  • SAD
  • Hrvatska
  • Nizozemska


  • Javascript
  • React
  • HTML 5
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • CSS
  • Java
  • SpringBoot
  • Scala
  • Kafka
  • Akka
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • .NET Core


In this phase, we come together and define a shared understanding of your project goals. Planning is at the heart of the Agile methodology.

UI/UX Design
The Discovery and Design phase are closely interconnected. Our in-house UI/UX design team will make your ideas reality.

From complex enterprise web apps to native mobile apps, our engineers deliver.

Software isn’t just code in a Git repository, but a full-fledged application ready for implementation on its own, or its cloud infrastructure.

Dedicated Team Extension
This model enables you to have a team of people who work full-time on your project. It’s perfect if you have long-term needs for designers, developers, and other experts.

Turnkey Development
We use this model for projects with a predefined scope of work and timeline. This type of cooperation is ideal for projects where there is little to no change expected, Agile software development with SCRUM in terms of features, and the overall scope of the project.

Consulting & Training
Strategy or educational sessions are done with partners who wish to revise their strategies and products, or simply elevate their knowledge about software development and agile practices.

Kontakt osobe

Mihael Sedmak
Mihael Sedmak

Mobitel: +385 99 5459 095


Mihael Sedmak is Agency04 CEO with 15 years of experience in banking and government software implementations as well as technology and methodology consulting. Before joining Agency04, Mihael Sedmak was CEO of Corvus, the company behind and has extensive experience in managing businesses and reporting to the board.

Hrvoje Fijucek
Hrvoje Fijucek
Head of Business Development

Mobitel: +385 91 1734 987


Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Trying to solve the neverending software development resources problem in the enterprise world. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals in the Java Ecosystem accompanied by iOS and Android experts, Agile coaches and Automated testers.

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