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3topia d.o.o.

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Ulica Andrije Žaje 10, Zagreb

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Ulica Andrije Žaje 10, Zagreb

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  • Python
  • Spring
  • MongoDB
  • React Native
  • Tensorflow
  • FloydHub


AR Security Assistant

Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality

First project in collaboration with Computer Science Department at the University of Oxford. We combined their research results with our design, development and AI expertise to help them commercialize the research.


Clothing detection in images

Artificial Intelligence

A computer vision solution that uses a fully convolutional neural network to segment images into individual clothing articles. This information is used later on in the system to infer how fashionable a particular outfit is.


Outfit Preference Prediction

Artificial Intelligence

Using the power of AI and deep learning to predict people's preferences about particular outfits.

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