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Sedam IT is a prominent company in the circle of leading Croatian suppliers providing ICT solutions and services. The application of expertise in the optimisation of business processes and support in decision-making and management provides timely and successful realisation of our client’s business goals.

Our solutions

— Customer relationship management (Sedam CRM)

— Contact center (Sedam Contact Center – Cisco UCCE)

— Financial transaction management (Sedam Karat24)

— Tailored solutions

Our business activities are based on the three key elements: knowledge, ICT resource management and integration.

The main Sedam IT resource is high-educated and experienced staff:

  • top experts for information and communication technologies
  • our staff’s long time experience in the IT industry at private and public users in the Republic of Croatia
  • average age less than 35
  • experience and partnerships with leading international principals
  • experience and understanding of complex business systems and processes
  • Internal Sedam IT corporative culture is based on the following foundations:
  • standards are precondition for limitless business operations in a world with limitless opportunities

Through its cooperation with leading international companies in defining, development and application of open standards and solutions and tools based on them, Sedam IT provides their use with our users simultaneously with advanced international users. Thus, we can assure up-to-date compatibility, connectivity and comparability with different systems developed all over the world.

At Sedam IT we never forget that life is bigger than a business process. Thus, much attention is given to the following:

  • we systematically follow and apply expert and branch norms and develop our own software solutions according to our methodology which is harmonized with IEEE  standard
  • we employ only top quality staff and invest in their continuous education and expert certification
  • high business ethics
  • business activities and projects in accordance with international, national and local regulations
  • respect for diversity and each individual’s or group’s special needs
  • application of environment friendly norms and forbearing attitude in respect of the environment

Contact persons

Ante Jurišić

Ante Jurišić

Predsjednik Uprave

Obnašam funkciju predsjednika Uprave tvrtke Sedam IT, na koju sam odabran jednoglasnom odlukom Skupštine društva sredinom 2014 godine. Timu Sedam IT pridružio sam se 2005. godine kao mladi inženjer odmah po završetku studija elektrotehnike na Sveučilištu u Zagrebu Fakultetu elektrotehnike i računarstva. Svoje radno iskustvo i razvoj profesionalne karijere stjecao sam kao član tima raznih projekata i odjela unutar tvrtke, od mlađeg sistem inženjera u Sektoru mrežnih tehnologija preko pozicije Samostalnog sistem inženjera specijalista za Cisco Unified Communications tehnologije pa sve do Voditelja ključnih kupaca u sektoru prodaje. Pohađao sam razne tečajeve na kojima stječe specijalističke certifikate (Cisco, Metaswitch i f5), koji mi osiguravaju stručnost i prepoznatljivost na tržištu. Od osnovnih tehničkih predznanja pa sve do iskustva u poslovanju i upravljanju, svoj profesionalni i osobni razvoj upotpunio sam upisom EMBA programa Cotrugli poslovne škole.

Dario Sekula


— Customer relationship management (Sedam CRM)

— Contact center (Sedam Contact Center – Cisco UCCE)

— Financial transaction management (Sedam Karat24)

— Tailored solutions


Business Solutions

Sedam IT d.o.o.

Sedam IT d.o.o.
HR – 10000 Zagreb
Koledovčina 2
tel:       +385 1 2353 777
fax:      +385 1 2353 707

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