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Ramiro Ltd for Business consulting is one of the Croatian leading Companies in area of organizational development and HR management.

From the very start, Ramiro's mail mission is very clear - to help organizations to harmonize managers and employees teamwork with the aim of reaching the mutual goals.

Since 2002, when Ramiro was founded, more than 150 Croatian and foreign Companies gave their trust to our consultants.

Through our everyday work, we promote following values:

  • high working standards - competency, quality and excellence
  • responsible approach toward customers and their employees
  • commitment to our work, with the goal to help organizations ant their employees to improve their potentials, through positive and motivating approach
  • transparent and open communication

Services that we provide:

  • Management consulting - organizational climate analysis, organizational development, change management, strategic workshops, goal settings and job planning, crisis management, facilitation, mediation, leadership coaching.
  • HR management consulting - selection, onboarding, assessment/development center, career management, management development, soft skills education, performance management, job analysis and Business processes analysis.
  • Ramiro business skills trainings - communication, management, sales, negotiation, presentation, time management, change management, emotional intelligence, etc.
  • Coaching - leadership, business and life coaching
  • Leadership NLP Academy - unique one-year-program, intended for managers, trainers and consultants

We are very proud that our General Manager and owner of Ramiro, Ms Tanja Pureta, received a reward for her work - Primus - Business Consultant of the year 2010 in category Human Resources, education and training.

We believe that people and organizations have all the potentials for reaching the highest levels.

Let us help you develop these potentials and direct them towards the right goals!

Contact persons

Maja Jurković

Voditeljica ureda

01 2442 910
091 2442 915
Tanja Pureta

Tanja Pureta

General Manager

Master in Psychology, Organizational and industrial psychology specialist (Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb, Croatia), certified NLP trainer and NLP coach. Tanja has an 8-year working experience in two reputable international companies: Pliva d.d. (Marketing Assistant in period 1994-1997) and IBM Croatia Ltd (Manager for integrated marketing and communications in period 1997-2002).  Tanja owns many certificates of business trainings she participated in, in Croatia and abroad (organizational development, HR management, management and marketing). Since 2002, she owns and manages company Ramiro, which core business is consulting in HR management and organizational development, business skills training and business consulting. In 2011, Tanja won a prestigious reward Primus – Business consultant of the year 2010. in category Human resources, education and training.

Ramiro Ltd

Ramiro Ltd

Buzanova 4

HR-10000 Zagreb


Tel: +38512442910

Fax: +38512442911


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