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RIS is a renowned company with a 20 years experience, specializes in software development and production, particularly in enterprise applications.

Through many years of experience in the design and construction of information systems, RIS Ltd. has developed its own specific approach and work method that is primarily related to the analysis, modeling and designing systems using its own methodology (MIRIS), on the basis of which its proper development technology has improved as a superstructure of specialized development platforms and tools.

This technological superstructure allows the maintenance of strategic advantages through time and through the entire life cycle of its products.

By monitoring of new developments and technologies on the IT market, RIS has always been adapted to the latest solutions by offering its customers the instruments and tools that ensure the security, stability and continuity for long periods of time, as a guarantee of continuous development and improvement of their information systems.

This has been recognized by large companies RIS collaborates with for many years now (HRT, Croatia osiguranje, Croatia banka, Podravka, Zagrebački holding...)

The quality of RIS products is the result of its own software development process called "MIRIS methodology", the first and only Croatian development process, which is the holder of the prestigious label „Croatian Creation".

RIS is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the quality management system and ISO 27001:2005 for the information security.

The company has its own RIS Data Center built to the highest standards.

RIS currently employs 39 people, 31 of  which work in the development and are continuously improving.

Contact persons

Ivo Mataija

Sales & Marketing Director at RIS d.o.o.

+385 51 687 517
+385 98 91 99 141

Enterprise software sales professional in a software development organization.

Experience with:
• development and implementation of the sales strategy to maintain and drive business growth
• development and implementation of the marketing strategy with a focus on creating and developing the brand, proposition and communication

Software Developer, Oracle Database Administrator, Solution Architect and Project Manager in a software development organization. 

Experience with: 
• working with business customers to help define requirements/solutions to issues
• all phases of the software development life cycle
• system testing and production release testing
• software release management

Marina Krešo


FAROS is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), or integrated information system designed for business management. Thanks to its modular design and scalability of the infrastructure on which it is based, Faros can be adapted to small, medium and large companies, regardless of the activity carried out.

Key benefits:

Online business: Access to the business system and data at any time and from any location• Security: The highest level of data protection in Professional Data Center• Improving: Continuous upgrade of new functionality to meet customer needs• Quality Support: Monitoring of legislative changes and customer support by highly skilled consultants

FAROS supports the delivery model like SaaS (Software as a service) in its own Data center or in provider’s Data center. Based on three-tier architecture of the latest generation, it uses Oracle as the database management system, which guarantees an exceptional safety and reliability.

Selected References:

• Croatia banka d.d. – a state-owned Bank

• GPZ Opskrba d.o.o. – the largest Croatian gas supplier

• Bilić-Erić d.o.o. – one of the top 5 largest security companies in Croatia

• University of Rijeka - Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality


IMIS is a software solution that covers the processes of selling insurance, developed for the biggest Croatian insurer Croatia Insurance

PRIS is a software solution that covers the process of billing and collection license fees, developed for the Croatian Radiotelevision

KREDIS is a software solution that covers banking and non-banking business, developed for Croatia bank

Markets now:


Markets want:

Europe Serbia Slovenia USA



RIS logo

Office - Rijeka
Pilepčić 10
51215 Kastav
Tel. +385 (0)51 687 500
Fax +385 (0)51 687 501

Office - Zagreb
Horvaćanska cesta 17a
10000 Zagreb
Tel. +385 (0)1 364 01 89
Fax +385 (0)1 364 01 89


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