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Mission and Vision

Qualia is an imaginative software company with clear task to offer high-quality services to our clients, to make software products which are characterized by simplicity, functionality, user-friendliness and exceptional visual attractiveness.

We see ourselves as your partners that are curious about your business and its improvement, that are always available, real and truthful. In our work besides professionalism we cherish creativity and sense of humor.

Our vision is to become internationally acknowledged brand and association for speed, exactness and breathtaking final product.

What are we doing

We specialize in making custom software, data integration or business intelligence solutions to satisfy company’s, department’s or individual user’s needs in order to improve business processes, decision- making speed, team collaboration or information sharing.

We are creators of BusinessQ, our business intelligence, data visualization and web reporting software.

How are we different

We do not build applications or solutions that meet only minimum requirements of functionality, but the ones that will have the above mentioned inner beauty.

Such applications work better, faster, cost less, have less mistakes, last longer and have you – a satisfied user.

What we believe in

Our focus is in custom software development for visually attractive business applications as well as in data integration, data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

In our work we have a passion for the same level of quality and performance that we expect of the top architectural achievements in everyday life. We believe that interior software design is reflected in its external applications and interface, just like beautiful building is a combination of form, structure and beauty.

Contact persons

Hrvoje Smolić

Hrvoje Smolić

managing director / owner

Hrvoje is responsible for all parts of the planning processes and development strategies in Qualia. He is continually improving business processes to fulfill the Qualia’s Mission. As Creative Director he develops and oversees the overall look of applications, using design principles to organize their content and ensure full user-application communication. He defines their structure, information design and interface. As a Project Manager he defines and evaluate end user requirements, document Projects and test final results.

 Before founding Qualia in 2010, Hrvoje had seven years of experience in the IT community. He began his career developing commercial applications for the banks, with client-server programming and relational database modeling in the role of business analyst in the company Vestigo. Later, as employee at Adacta he started as a consultant for Business Intelligence (BI), and then moved to position as Head of BI and CRM team, BI project manager and as a product manager. He has a degree in Physics from Zagreb University and is currently on PhD


BusinessQ Logo

BusinessQ is a web based business intelligence and data visualization software.

BusinessQ provides the insight you need to make better business decisions. Let BusinessQ tell you the story of your business data in precise, effective and unambiguous way – from monitoring your Sales, overseeing your inventory, measuring business success, or tracking Key Performance Indicators.

It helps companies to see otherwise  hidden patterns, to spot business problems on time as well as to identify useful opportunities in their raw data.

Small and medium businesses don’t want to and can’t invest 100s of thousands EUR or more on long-lasting BI implementations and can’t hire new employees to support and work on these systems. BusinessQ is made with small and midsize businesses at mind; our focus is on user-friendliness, interactivity, fast results and implementation, low-cost and best practices data visualization.

BusinessQ example report

Why BusinessQ?

Every company, no matter how big or small, needs Reports. Daily, Monthy, Yearly Reports, Performance reports, Controlling, Reports for administration, Reports for Management… Use BusinessQ to get new reporting ideas, to create Reports and share them. Create appropriate Dashboards and take action on what is really important; stay up-to-date with what’s going in your business.

BusinessQ is all about making that easy and fun while maintaining data visualization integrity. Spend time reading Reports, not making them!


BusinessQ example dashboard


BusinessQ example dashboard 2


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is about getting the right information to the right people at the right time. That way they can analyze company data, predict trends, be informed on any potential business problem and make well-informed decisions.

Data Integration / Data Warehouse

We identify key business dimensions and measures, design and implement data warehouse, data transfers, interfaces and more…

Web 2.0 applications

Rich Internet applications (RIA) combine the best features of desktop and web applications.

Data visualization

You have the data, but lack the expertise to show them?

BusinesQ visualize 1


Qualia Logo

Qualia poslovna rješenja d.o.o.

Lastovska 23, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia




New version of our BI Reporting and Data Visualization tool is out. There are many upgrades, bug fixes and new functionalities.

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We can help you find a product that suits exactly what you need or we can make one for you.

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