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Info-Impero is a privately owned company founded in the beginning of 2011. Even though it's young, our company is has a team of experienced professionals, mostly software engineers, certified to work with the newest technologies.

We value every client the same, there are no big and small clients, and we approach every client with great care and a wish to succeed, because our client's success is our success.

Info-Impero differs from other IT companies by making longterm strategic partnerships with our clients, having in mind full support in all phases of development and installment of IT systems. For all our products, adequate, professional and up-to-date support is assured.

Our team is specialized for developing and installment of IT systems primarely for the business sector.

Our mission is to offer each client a supreme service, taking care of respecting the target dates agreed upon, using the newest IT technology, all in acceptable rates.

Our vision is being the best IT company which will be the standard, quality and profesionalism reference in all business segments - our clients' first choice, workers' favorite employer, businessmen's best partner. Values upon which we base our success are quality, courtesy, trust, inovativity and understanding our clients' needs.

Contact persons

Zvonimir Carek


Info-Impero d.o.o.

Info-Impero d.o.o
Hrvatska (Croatia)

Fax: +385(0)/495-790

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