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IT Sistemi were established in Split, in 1998, under the name SWING Sistemi. At the very beggining, it was a small company, offering system integration services for customers in Split and Dalmatia region. During the business reorganization in 2003, the name was changed in IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije and since then, with help of eminent Croatian and international partners, company significantly increased its market share.

The company head office is in Split, Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 8/2, where we currently employ a team of 24 professionals, with additional subcontractors for ICT services and business documentation scanning. In 2008, we have opened a branch office in Zagreb, Ribnička 24, in order to offer better and faster services to our users located in Zagreb and its surroundings.

We are certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001:2009 – Quality Management Systems, and ISO 27001:2005 – Information Security Management Systems.

Our services includes complete IT solutions:

  • System integration and IT administration on Microsoft, Lotus Domino and Linux platforms
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and scanning services, bundled with custom built applications for   receiving, processing and archiving digital documents; based on Java, Alfresco, Kofax, and other open source or licensed technologies
  • Implementation of IT infrastracture and IT services monitoring and management systems, based on Microsoft System Center solutions
  • Optimization Services and print management, infrastructure and security printing
  • Development Services- business applications on both .NET and Java technology Software Licenses from various vendors

We are using latest technology and tools, carefully selected depending on a project and client needs, in order to ensure the optimum solution and minimal costs, with special emphasis on reliability and efficiency of the system.

Contact persons

Damir Popović

Ivana Popović




Docs4ECM is a product of IT Sistemi, and is an Input Management solution that allows for an easy document handling in terms of capturing, editing and exporting to an Enterprise Content Management system, such as Sharepoint, Documentum, Filenet, Alfresco, or some on-line document repository (e.g. Office 365).

Docs4ECM gives an end user opportunity to:

  • scan documents with TWAIN interface (including image processing), or import via watched folders
  • use a virtual printer in business applications (such as SAP or similar)
  • use screencapture function
  • work with electronic files (through Windows Explorer or an e-mail client)
  • manually classify documents to an Enterprise Content Management System
  • export documents to a specified location within an Enterprise Content Management System in a controlled and automated way

The basic idea behind this solution is to make input management more distributed, and to get the documents into the business applications as early as possible within the business process.

In a short time, Docs4ECM Professional will be released, that will support barcode separation, advanced watched folder functions and full-text OCR, and so make the business process even more automatized.

You can find more information about this product on

IT Sistemi - Nove Tehnologije d.o.o.

Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 8/2
21000 Split
Tel: +385 21 383 572
Fax: +385 21 383 597

Zagreb Office
Ribnička 24
Tel: +385 1 5999 691



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