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CRATIS is ICT company in area of Telecommunications, Computer Networking, System Integration and Network Security. We offer Network Design and Implementation, ICT Consulting, System Administration, Technical Training, Technical Support and Maintainance. Some of solutions that we provide include Virtualization, VoIP, Wireless, Hotspot, Provisioning and Monitoring. We do open-source software intagration, support and deployment.

Contact persons

Matija Grabar

Matija Grabar


+385 42 420 710
+385 92 1786 844


  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • ICT Consulting and Revision
  • System Administration
  • Technical Training

Telefon: +385 (42) 420 710
Fax: +385 (42) 420 711
Vinogradska 18,
42223 Varaždinske Toplice 

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