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logIT became member of CISEx

Recently our web development company Logit became member of - a Croatian Independent Software Exporters (CISEx) business association. On Friday, April 20th 2012 we attended our first annual gathering, where the association celebrated our first birthday, discussed past accomplishments and announced future projects and goals. Currently, we are 104+ members strong, and growing rapidly.

Why would we join a local association, if one of our main goals is to export our knowledge and experience outside national borders and offer it to the whole world?

1. Other people's experiences

What's it like to do business in the big world outside our walled garden called insert-small-country-name-here? Why make all the important mistakes ourselves, when we can draw from the experiences of open-minded peers? Why not speed up our path to as many customers as our company can handle, using proven techniques others shared? People in software associations are usually open and friendly and want to see us succeed. We want to surround us with friendly people.

2. Support from the likeminded

It's easy to forget we're not alone in our problems, duties and the everyday entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Being a member of something bigger and more powerful than one single company gives us much needed support.

3. Networking and hanging out with peers

There's nothing like geeking out with fellow software developers and discussing our ideas and the IT world around us. There's no such thing as too many geeky hangouts, especially if there's beer around.

4. Joining forces when approaching government in important issues

Most software companies in our small country are small as well. The needs of one company mean nothing to the big guys in government seats. Together, we can influence the lawmakers and make a difference.

5. Media exposure

Local media is always around our meetups, eager to write first about the next successful startup. We'd be fools not to be where the media is.

6. Recruiting and business opportunities

Where there are software startups and companies, there are great software experts who are looking for jobs or partners. There are also companies looking to hire great teams for work on projects. Business angels and venture capital people attend our meetups and get invited when new members present their projects.

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Visnja Zeljeznjak aka @luckyisgood

Višnja Željeznjak

Web sales and usability architect



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I'm a business geek, focused on creating profitable online presences for my company and for my company's clients.

I am busy developing my expertise in usability, conversion rate optimization, inbound marketing and copywriting.


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