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Research of Croatian B2B Exporters

In August 2015 Logit researched 189 B2B company websites. All the companies on our test were export-oriented. We analyzed whether or not the content essential to making purchase decisions was present on those companies' websites. We published our results in a 44-page report.

Although all the companies on our test are from Croatia, they are all export-oriented and offering their products and services internationally. This makes the results of our research globally relevant. No matter where in the world your B2B company is headquartered, you'll benefit from our research because it applies to all English-speaking websites made to get B2B leads from the international market.

Our Conclusion: Huge Potential for International Business Growth Through Website Improvement

For a typical B2B company a website should be the most effective sales and marketing tool. With this research we wanted to draw the attention to that fact.

The bad news is that the analyzed websites aren't as effective as they should be, given the global competition. They don't use modern tools, aren't informative enough, and don't publish the type of content known to influence purchase decisions the most.

The good news is that there's huge potential for optimizing and improving the effectiveness of a typical B2B website. This is why we conducted this research in the first place: we wanted to educate the executives in B2B companies about how lack of essential website content negatively impacts their sales results on the global market.

View the research' page (Currently, the research is only available in Croatian. This blog post is a summary of the research for English-speaking visitors.)

Research Summary: Results of Analyzing 15 Guidelines

A guideline is a clear and specific instruction about what needs to be changed on the website so that it becomes measurably more effective in terms of:

  • increasing the number of visitors,
  • increasing the number of received inquiries,
  • increasing the number of sales.

Out of hundreds of website improvement guidelines we have in our internal database, we picked only 15 guidelines and tested the websites for their presence.

Those guidelines tested only the presence of essential content and certain features we believe are the foundation of modern digital marketing.

How exactly does missing content affect sales results? IDG conducted a research on a sample of 400 business customers in the IT industry. IDG found that the likelihood of a product sale decreases by 45% if the B2B buyer doesn't find relevant information on a vendor's website.

In other words: if the content is missing, the customer is leaving.

B2B websites research by Logit

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