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Digital Marketing Services for B2B Companies

After more than 10 years of work, Logit is making the biggest change since its foundation. 

Logit is now a digital marketing consultancy helping established manufacturers of B2B products and providers of B2B services get more customers online. The new services include website optimization reports, consulting and complete digital marketing management. To mark this milestone, we rebranded and launched a new English-speaking website.

We're announcing the biggest change since we incorporated in 2002:

"logIT the web development company" is now "Logit the B2B digital marketing consultancy".

Between 2002 and 2015 we were a web design, web development, and internet marketing studio / agency. (See the timeline of Logit history).

Times are different now. We're different. We've realized we have something to offer to the world that goes far beyond "just" building a website: expertise and experience in sales and marketing. Technically speaking, building websites may have changed since 2002, but one aspect we're most experienced with has never been in more demand: the importance of the internet for generating business results.

Thus, our evolution was inevitable. From now on, we'll be helping experienced companies generate business results. We'll help them improve their online presence by providing the following services:

  • Website Optimization Reports
    We prepare a unique report for each client, depending on their needs. Ideal for companies not satisfied with a performance of their web sites i.e. companies looking for more leads.
  • Consulting
    Our team of experienced professionals is available when company need just one consulting call or monthly consulting. Ideal for companies puzzled about one important digital marketing decision, in a hurry to get a solution from someone whose expertise can trust.
  • Complete Digital Marketing Management
    A company can outsource digital marketing to us. We'll make strategic decisions and do marketing operations: run campaigns, write content, promote it online. A company sets the business goals and we bring new customers.

Some Things Don't Change

The core Logit team has been together since 2007. We've even got new arrivals in our marketing and software development teams.

We're still dedicated to excellence. Excellence makes everything else happen for a company. 

Come Join Us

Get in touch with us. Just to say hello. Just to point to something that caught your eye on our new website (good or not so good).

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Member profile
Marko Radelic

Marko Radelic


15+ years experience in the digital marketing. 

Started with affiliate marketing (Direct Leads, OnResponse, Linkshare, Bfree) and search engine marketing (SEM) back in 1999. ( and, when Google and AdWords didn't exist). 

Founder of several well know local sites like Webmajstori.Net ( in the early days of the Croatian web scene (2000.).

Co-owner of digital marketing consultancy (started in 2002.).

Co-owner of, all-in-one web app for creating proposals and invoices, managing tasks in projects and supporting clients in digital agency (started in 2013.)

Google AdWords Professional actively monitoring campaigns of some of the biggest regional companies.

Specialties: internet strategy, digital marketing, B2B lead generation.


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