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Reviews from previous presidents of CISEx

Last year has flown by. It was a year in which not much could be planned. A pre-election year, a year of crisis, a year in which we wanted there to be as many of us as possible, to be heard of.

Goran Radić



We have felt many growing pains. CISEx was in itself a start-up project, but, unlike all our start-up projects, it was a start-up project in which valuation could hardly be expressed in numbers. Our crucial KPI in the first year was probably optimism and better mood.

We would like to believe that CISEx has already helped many of you. We hope you no longer feel as if you have no one to talk to or turn to, share your experience with, as if your business does not have a guild.

In the past year, many of your projects have blossomed before our eyes. We are happy to hear each and every success story of our members and friends, no matter how minor it might be. New products and services, new markets, new businesses, we have been all over the world, many new things happened but, of course, never enough for a group of people of such ambitions.

The year has flown by but the real work is still ahead of us. We are gathered around our statute's many well-defined goals on which we need to work even harder, with even more efficient cooperation and greater awareness of how our synergy is important for each individual one of us.

Let us find that path together.

Goran Radić

Member of the CISEx Management Board

Applicon d.o.o. – Member of the Board

Co-Founder of the PandoPad Project

Luka Abrus

Pet minuta


Nowadays the location is becoming decreasingly important - we are witnesses of a number of domestic IT companies who are looking for their place in the sun on the markets of the USA, Western Europe, Asia and even Australia, although their headquarters and the entire development is seated in Croatia. In doing so, they export various IT services, expertise on various areas, own products for various verticals and niches, and some of them even develop global start-ups.

Here and there an odd company stands out and gets represented in national media; however, the home audience is unaware of many of those domestic success stories. Still, each of those companies has its own story about the search for success, experiences acquired in the global world of entrepreneurship - why not share them with all those who see their future on the world market? One of the main motives for the foundation of the Croatian Independent Software Exporters Association was the desire to change the awareness in the domestic IT sector and turn towards production and sale of own services and solutions on foreign markets as counterweight to the sale and representation of foreign software solutions on the domestic market, which is more frequent. CISEx's mission is to gather like-minded people and promote the basic idea of software export among other companies by virtue of knowledge sharing.

Luka Abrus

Member of the CISEx Management Board

Pet Minuta – CEO

Hrvoje Bujas



CISEx is one of a small number of associations that has come out of the seminal idea of over 40 founder companies (and everything started with one tweet and the LinkedIn group) that something can nevertheless change if we gather together, define our goals clearly and work on them.

Over 100 of our members in only 12 months of our existence and over 300 sympathizers are the strength that represents the future of the development of Croatia's small and medium enterprises. Focused on export of knowledge, this nucleus has shown that it is strong enough and knowledgeable enough to take a position on both the domestic and the foreign markets owing to its products' and services' quality and competitiveness.

In the first year, we have identified ourselves, what we do and what our priorities are. In the next year, we would like to achieve many goals:

  • Encourage modification of the acts related to facilitating registration and operation of the companies in the sector
  • A project of 10,000 new jobs in the sector - a clear modality we wish to present to the ministries of economy, small and medium enterprises and of finances through the support of HAMAG, BICRO and the investors (VC funds, angel investors, etc.)
  • The development of a quality technology park in Zagreb (with the first year being free of charge with a mentor for start-up companies) in cooperation with CRANE, Croatian Employers Association (HUP), Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), the competent ministries - those of science and of small and medium enterprises
  • Cutting tax payments and relief for software exporters
  • Continuing with the CISEx Friday - and spreading onto new locations, such as Split, Dubrovnik, Varaždin, Pula, Šibenik, Zadar…
  • Impacting greater efficiency of the Croatian educational system which currently does not respond adequately to the labour market demand, in cooperation with the competent ministry.

To achieve the above goals, we will all have to allocate one part of our time and resources to provide for a better future both for companies and individuals, and so that this entire society would make moves which are possible, attainable and in the interest of all of us.

Being a CISEx member today means being a member of an association which shows that the system can function nevertheless, that there are people who are willing to work in the interest of all of us. Therefore, if you are not a member yet - what are you waiting for?

Be a CISEx member! 

Hrvoje Bujas

Member of the CISEx Management Board

GoHome & CrnoJaje - Co-Founder



Viktor Fonić

Viktor Fonić

Communication coordinator and webmaster at CISEx @ Viktor Fonić

Member of Board of European Students of Technology - BEST, soft-skills trainer, passionate traveller

Social networks coordinator and webmaster at Croatian Independent Software Exporters

Frontend & backend website and mobile website developer at Netgen


  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Computer Science, 2007 - present
  • III. Gimnazija, Split 2003 - 2007


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