CISEx / Ambassadors

CISEx Ambassadors

Main idea behind the "CISEx Ambassadors" initiative is establishing a kind of diplomatic network for supporting our members worldwide. 


  • Give to all members additional value: possibility to contact someone at the location of interest
  • Helping official Croatian diplomacy network to promote products and services of our software industry.


CISEx Ambassadors is voluntary initiative. An honorary title "CISEx Ambassador" is established which is awarded by the board for a definite or indefinite time.

Title is awarded in 2 cases:

  • If a candidate is a person with permanent address outside of Croatia
  • If a candidate is very often traveling outside of Croatia 

Association membership is not requied.

Title requires

  • Adivising members in specified domain/expertize and about the location
  • Promoting CISEx association and Croatian sofware industry in general

Support from association

Information about each Ambassador are listed on this web site with clearly stated domain, expertize and location (contact data visible only to members ) 

Business cards, CISEx brochures, accreditation letter, etc

Currently active "CISEx Ambassadors":

(sorted alphabetically; to see contact data log in with your member account)

Dražen Blagović

Dražen Blagović

:: Basel; Chicago

Domain and expertise:

- Supply Chain Management
- Inventory Optimization
- Business plan development and advisory

Viktor  Marohnić

Viktor Marohnić

:: New York; Zagreb

Domain and expertise:

- Mobile applications
- Mobile technologies 

ShoutEm, CEO and mobile entrepreneur. 

I like to maximize the use of my tech skills to make life easier for non techies. I'm passionate about mobile since my first lines of code. From PalmOS, Pocket PC and J2ME to iOS and HTML5/JS this is still my biggest passion. These days as world is shifting mobile on a fastest pace ever, I'm kind of living in a dream.

2006 Co-Founded Five Minutes Studio Inc.

Mobile development company that we grew from 2 to 50+ people in six years.

2010 Co-Founded ShoutEm Inc.

ShoutEm is a self service mobile website and mobile app creator, a kind of "Wordpress for mobile apps". It enables anyone to build, design and launch native or mobile web app in just a few minutes. 

It is that easy!

Zvonimir Rakamarić

Zvonimir Rakamarić

:: USA (Utah, Salt Lake City); Canada (Vancouver, Toronto)

Domain and expertise:
- software verification, analysis, testing
- software reliability and resilience
- software security

Domagoj Rožić

Domagoj Rožić

:: Latin America; Columbia; Mexico; Costarica; USA

Domain and expertise:
- ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM, e-learning
- Solutions for SME

Vladimir Semenčić

Vladimir Semenčić

:: Zagreb; often traveling to western Europe, Scandinavia and Middle East

Domain and expertise:

- web technologies
- mobile technologies
- satellite technologies 

Ivica Tadić

Ivica Tadić

:: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Domain and expertise:
- eCommerce
- Magento
- Software development

Suggest a CISEx Ambassador

If you know a person who could be a good CISEx Ambassador please let us know via this form. Describe in short why you think this person would be a good candidate and leave his contact details.

A candidate should be a person:

  • which is permanently living outside Croatia
  • which travels a lot outside Croatia

Association membership is not required. A person can't suggest himself.

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