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Quantum is an agile and flexible IT company (founded 2001) providing its clients; mainly SMEs; quality IT equipment, maintenance services, support and consulting within IT & Business domain according to the real needs of the client.

How we work? We use the latest technology with our own expertise based on global best practices in the industry.

We like consulting for small, medium and large business about improving their processes and lowering costs, but we manage big clients as well. We have deep knowledge about EA, BPR, GAP analysis, SWOT, ITIL, ITSMF, TCO, PM. Quantum and his members are also member of many respectable business associations as IPMA, PMI, Association of Management Consultants etc. 

Nevertheless, Corporate Social Responsibility is not only buzzword but important part of our lives and we dedicate significant efforts to help society and people to make their lives better.

Specialties: Enterprise Architecture, Information Technology, Solutions and Services, Management Consulting, Project Management
Competences: Enterprise Architecture, ISO 9001 - QM (2006), ISO 27001 - Information Security (2011), ISO 20000 - IT Service Management (2014)

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Tomislav Zvonimir Dujmović

Tomislav Zvonimir Dujmović

CEO, Enterprise Architect, Project Manager

+385 1 34 36 300
+385 99 34 36 301

Tomislav Z. Dujmovic is IT/Management Consultant and Enterprise Architect in his own company QUANTUM. Among other certifications, he is proud to be Certified project manager – IPMA Level C, Certified Management Consultant - CMC ( and European Excellence Assessor ( has more than 10 years of management consulting experience, and more than 25 years real-life experience with computers, in later years mainly technologies with focus on IT infrastructure and information worker technologies that enable people to collaborate and work smarter. (QUANTUM is also ISO 9001 - quality, ISO 27001 - security and ISO 20000 - IT Service Management certified; also partner of many respectable companies ie. HP Preferred Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner, VMWare Partner, Google Partner, RedHat Partner, ZOHO Alliance partner).After Bachelors degree in Computing (, work and projects in Privredna banka Zagreb; from programming, reingeenireeng of business processes, systems analysis to implementation of new IS, works as IT/Business consultant for Zagrebacka banka and finally decides to start own crew of agile and capable people with fresh ideas.

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Vučak 16a
HR-10090 Zagreb, EU

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