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Who we are?
We are IT experts with strong passion for mobile and web technologies. Every team member is highly skilled professional with years of experience in software design, architecture and development.

What we do?
We absolutely rock in iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, responsive web, HTML 5, PHP and Node.js programming. It’s everything you need to develop cross-platform, three-tier mobile solutions.
How we do it?
With professional, responsible and dedicated approach to every task and client. Our in-house QAM ensures top notch products and services aiming for full customer satisfaction.

Kontakt osobe

Mateo Perak, Profico

Mateo Perak

managing director

Passionate enterpreneur & IT engineer in love with mobile and web technologies. Managing director and co-founder @Profico. Co-founded few IT companies and @SHIFTConference. Teaching assistant at University of Split, Jiu jitsu freak and proud competitor.

Expirienced in IT management and business
development, software architecture and software development.


Mobile developement

Android developement

iOS developement

Web developement

Profico, mobile and web professionals

Phone:+385 (0)91 / 395 – 9711

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Članovi udruge imaju pristup svim materijalima koje izdaje udruga, kao i „premium“ člancima na ExportBoomers blogu. Također mogu komunicirati s drugim članovima, tražiti i nuditi savjete te steći nove poslovne partnere.

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