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We are a young and fast growing company with excellent atmosphere and a well developed mentoring system. We mainly do software development, most of the times using languages and frameworks from the Java ecosystem. Our clients and projects are enterprise – we do important projects and we are proud of that.

Our focus: J2EE, Grails, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, Bootstrap, Angular, ExtJs, JQuery, HTML5, PhoneGap, iPhone evelopment, Android development.
 We appreciate: ESB, BPM, application servers, SQL and NoSQL.
 We love: Agile, Scrum, Lean.

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Loren is a system for managing personal finances, deeply integrated into core banking system. It automatically arranges transactions in groups and allows the user to monitor his incomes and expenses, using budgeting and reporting tools. This type of system is known as a Personal Finance Management tool (PFM) and is one of the most frequently used tools in  online banking. PFM tools are available in two forms:

  • On premise solutions
  • Cloud solutions

The cloud approach has significant drawbacks to the bank:

  • Banks are becoming platforms and losing a part of control
  • Banks are missing out on direct charges for PFM subscription
  • Banks are missing out on cross-selling opportunitie
  • Banks are missing out on aggregating competitor data
  • Banks are missing out on acquiring new customers and keeping the loyalty of existing customers

Even in the United States of America, 7 out of 10 largest banks are offering an on premise version of PFM. In Europe, most of the banks are offering PFM on premise.


Our main focus is on providing customers with tailor made software solutions in a well governed process. We also provide skills in customer-governed projects, where we do not provide the turn-key product, rather help with time&material mode delivery of our expertise.

We specialise is in Enterprise Java systems, built on top of a commercial stack or enterprise open-source stack. Our team has experience with Spring, JPA, Hibernate, Websphere, IBM MQ, Oracle Weblogic, Tomcat, JBoss (etc.) and different integration systems and frameworks. We now have more than 10 year of experience in delivering large solutions based on these technologies.

Our engineers have been involved in key roles in providing solutions such as:

  • Tailor made internet banking solution for one of the largest regional banks
  • Enterprise security custom solution for Government
  • Large scale mobile messaging platform for Croatia’s Top 2 telco
  • Many more large and enterprise systems regionally

Our first focus is on the product and on the customer. We believe that great projects are achieved by good communication and long term experience.

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AG04 Innovative Solutions d.o.o.
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