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Cateia Games is a development and publishing studio, working on premium quality video-games for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 8 / Phone 8. Based in Croatia, a small country located in central Europe, Cateia Games developed and published numerous games world-wide in more then 15 different languages.

Building strong partnerships over the years with world’s most recognized video-games companies, Cateia Games reached hundreds of thousands satisfied players all over the globe, delivering them an unique and exciting games and game-play experience.

Original IP Design and Development

Creating a new and original IP (intellectual property) is not an easy task, especially these days when the market is being saturated by so many games. Despite, Cateia Games has proven, more than once, that with a certain effort it’s possible to deliver games that will mesmerize the audience and critics as well. Our team of talented and passionate game designers are constantly working on new original IPs raising the bar with every new one.


As an experienced team we offer our development services to other developers and publishers and are always open in talking about work for hire, especially casual games. We can help you deliver great games on some of today's most popular gaming platforms.

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Dejan Radic


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Gaming industry






Skype ID: dejanradic7
Mob: +38591 5742097

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