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ALFATEC Group was founded in 1990 with the first possibilities of establishing private companies in Croatia. Headquarter is located in the centre of the Croatian capital Zagreb. With our continuous investment in our employees and expertise in the world’s leading ICT technologies we are recognized as a trusted partner on the Croatian and regional SEE markets. Our consultancy team consists of around 60 highly educated and experienced experts in segment of information system implementation and international project management that give us power for further business development and partner network expansion.
Since Alfatec’s foundation we are focused on data management solutions in the world renowned technologies like SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Informix, Thales, ZyXEL, etc. which combined with our expertise help us to deliver high-end solutions to our customers from various industries like Telco, government, banking/financial industry, public sector, manufacturers, retail etc. As a proof of quality of our business operations we obtained ISO 9001:2000 Certificate from year 2005.

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Marko Kornfeld

Marko Kornfeld

Executive Sales Director

ALFATEC Group d.o.o.


For more information please contact us on: or visit our website

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