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OptimIT je kreator optimalnih informacijskih sustava i rješenja koja unapređuju poslovne procese naših korisnika i omogućuju jednostavno i efikasno korištenje informacijskih tehnologija.

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Denis Trupec

direktor i partner

Partner sam i jedan od osnivača tvrtke OptimIT, tvrtke za razvoj programske podrške specijalizirane za sustave temeljene na Open Source platformama.

Diplomirao sam na Elektrotehničkom fakultetu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu na smjeru Računarske tehnike. Po završetku dodiplomskog studija, na istom fakultetu završavam poslijediplomski studij, smjer Jezgra računarskih znanosti.

Tijekom dodiplomskog i poslijediplomskog sudija objavljujem više znanstvenih i stručnih radova i članaka. 

Na Agronomskom fakultetu završio sam poslijediplomski specijalistički studij „Poslovno upravljanje u agrobiznisu – MBA).


Tel. +385(1)7897301

Heinzelova 60b

HR-10000 Zagreb 

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MIT Software

Our team has 20 members engaged in the design, development and implementation of integrated information systems in Croatia and the region. Recently we celebrated 20 years of existence.We are focused on the implementation of our advanced business solutions in the sectors of automotive, retail, pharmaceutical industry...


Mono Ltd., based in Osijek, Croatia, creates and distributes software components, content management systems and customized software solutions. Our software is used in more than 50 countries and for various business verticals: medicine, pharmacy, banking, finance, human resource management, e-government, etc. We dev...


Multicom is an IT consulting and delivery company. Our key competencies are in the areas of Data arehouse, Business Intelligence, CRM and Billing technologies. Our teams are highly-motivated experts with in-depth knowledge and long term experience in the areas of Telecommunications, Finance and in the emer...


MyWebStore.Net is a company that offers comprehensive solutions for the eCommerce business. The basis of our offer are solutions for the Web Store and Loyalty systems. The emphasis is on cutting edge platform to integrate with heterogenous ERP and CRM systems, and PriceNet system used to integrate dat...


N-LAB is a privately owned company established in 1994.Company scores stability, growth and increasing number of users on gobal market throughout each year of existence. Internal and external organization is guided by the quality management system for which N-LAB has ISO 9001:2008 certificate since











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