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Sanda Čugalj

Sanda Čugalj

Sandro Gržičić

Sandro Gržičić

Sanja Pejović

TIS-Objektni informacijski sustavi d.o.o. :: Marketing Consultant


Sanja Radić

Poslovanje 2 d.o.o.

Saša Tomislav Mataić

Saša Tomislav Mataić

Senko Rašić

Dobar kod

Siniša Cvjetković

Siniša Cvjetković

MyWebStore.Net :: CEO

+385 (1) 777 8474
099 599 0506

Slaven Stojanović

HSM informatika d.o.o.

Slavko Radman

Idea Ager d.o.o.

Slavko Vidović

InfoDom d.o.o. :: Direktor

01 3040 588
098 236 678
Stjepan Pavlek

Stjepan Pavlek

Koios :: Director

Banking business consultant with experience in wide area of business fields, including: credit risk, market risk, credit scoring, regulatory reporting, business performance measurement, profitability, banking product modelling, asset and liability management, anti-money laundering.

Technical expertize in: Business intelligence systems, Warehousing data models, ETL Development and optimization, Data mining algorithms, Oracle database, SAS.

Sven Kapuđija

Sven Kapuđija

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AVALON web hosting

Avalon is one of the leading regional web hosting providers. We were founded back in 1997, and currently provide web hosting services to more than 16,000 internet domain names.We offer domain registration services, web hosting, SSL certificates, managed VPS and dedicated servers for more demanding customers, in...


Binaria is an innovative software development studio that builds web, desktop and mobile solutions for online mapping, real-time monitoring, management and analysis of data for business, marketing, entertainment and industry.Company runs its operation since 2007 located in Sesvete, Croatia. Our focus are new hardwar...

Blagonić Brothers

Emanuel i Lucijan Blagonić braća su koja se više od 10 godina profesionalno bave grafičkim i web dizajnom. Njihova je različitost ujedno i prednost, jer problematici pristupaju s različitih pozicija i s različitim mišljenjem.

BTB d.o.o.

„Our mission is to deliver software solutions whichcreate additional value for our customers.“Beta Tau Beta d.o.o. or BTB´s tendention is to be recognized as a provider of innovative business software solutions based on high efficiency, created to bring additional value, built in accordance with user needs and requ...


The company's main business is enterprise web application development.The team consists of highly motivated young people with a focus on  Enterprise Java platforms (heavily relying on Google Web Toolkit and Spring) and mobile platforms (Android, iPhone).Besides developing custom-tailored software, the com...

Cateia Games

Cateia Games is a development and publishing studio, working on premium quality video-games for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 8 / Phone 8. Based in Croatia, a small country located in central Europe, Cateia Games developed and published numerous games world-wide in more then 15 different languages.Building stron...


CIKLOPEA d.o.o. is one of the leading translation and localization services providers (LSP - Language Services Provider) in the wider region of South East Europe.We manage and carry out large translation and localization projects, offer legal interpreting services, proof-reading services, DTP services (desktop publi...










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