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Ratko Mutavdžić

PROJEKTURA j.d.o.o. :: Direktor

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Ratko Pesek

Qmini d.o.o.

Renata Pavletić Mužak

Blue Eye Solutions d.o.o.

Renato Barta

SV Group d.o.o.

Robert Lujo


Robert Drago Šinko

Obrt Šinko

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Cooperating with us opens numerous opportunities. By working with CISEx, you directly work with all the companies that are members of CISEx organization.

We can help you find a product that suits exactly what you need or we can make one for you.

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Swing software

SWING Software delivers document integration, publishing and archiving software to over 1,000 organizations worldwide. The products include: SWING Integrator – a document automation tool for Lotus Notes/Domino; SWING DocPublisher – a web-based policy and procedure manager; SWING PDF Converter – a conversion and arch...