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Why we exist

Everything we do, we do because we believe that by constantly challenging our work we can create great products, competitive on global market. There are a lot of products already proving this, and we build new ones every day.

Our wish for changes in the ICT sector is the motivator that keeps pushing us forward.

It was a long process of forming CISEx. First it started informal, but we realized we need to make it official. That's when we finally established an organization.

We’ve been thinking and discussing a lot about it. Everything started informal, and then through special group that we started on Linkedin. Besides that, we’ve been following what’s happening in the country and finally decided we have to do this step. We are Croatian Independent Software Exporters and our mission is to develop software industry in Croatia. One of our main goals is raising awareness about software development, export and business (with special accent on start-up business) in our country.

We want to be different and modern, more open for our members than any organization until now. Every member of CISEx has the opportunity to learn from other members, exchange experiences, and use the tools and events that organization organizes for its members. We want to help all our members so that their offer on market is thought through and excellently presented with minimum expenses. 

Inter Solutio

Inter Solutio is a young and propulsive ICT company with the primary goal of creating optimal information systems and solutions that improve business processes of our customer and allow them to easily and effectively use information of technology. The primary activity is the implementation of Business Intelligence (...

IT Sistemi - Nove Tehnologije d.o.o.

IT Sistemi were established in Split, in 1998, under the name SWING Sistemi. At the very beggining, it was a small company, offering system integration services for customers in Split and Dalmatia region. During the business reorganization in 2003, the name was changed in IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije and since then...


Koios is specialized in business intelligence and application development in financial industry. Our team is made of exceptional experts competent to most challenging projects.


KONCAR - Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc. (KONCAR-KET by short), is the main contracting and engineering company within the KONČAR - Electrical Industry Inc. (KONCAR-Group).Our main business activity is design and construction of complex electric plants and installations for power generation, trans...


Lemax is a company developing the iTravel Software solution for travel agencies and tour operators. Lemax was founded in 1990 and in the last 15 years we have specialized in developing software solutions for tourism, as well as websites for travel agencies and tour operators. At the moment over 200 travel compa...