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iTravel has folded a collaborative partnership with Bulgarian Synovent

After the travel agency Travel Day decided to buy the software, Synovent, that had helped with the search for software, recognized Lemax as potential partner.

Lemax company, specialized in producing iTravel Software, a solution for tourism companies signed a co-operation with the Bulgarian company Synovent in 2013. The aim of this collaboration was to acquire new customers in this market and help the Bulgarian tourist subjects in introducing new technologies and winning new tourist markets.

On the other hand, Synovent is a Bulgarian company that assists other businesses in finding potential clients and penetrating foreign markets. It is primarily focused on tourism, and acts as a sales partner. In other words, Synovent supports all tourism operators in winning new tourism markets, expanding their product range and adopting new technologies.

The cooperation between the two companies began after the travel agency from Bulgaria DAN Travel decided to buy iTravel Software in order for it to support its business process. The main reason why they chose this system was that it was based on the latest technologies and innovations, and was fully adapted to the specific needs of the agency. Lemax was also responsible for the presentation of the agency online (through the website that is connected to the system and allows online payment).

The role of the Synovent as a consulting company was to help DAN Travel decide which software to buy. They recognized Lemax as a potential partner, making iTravel Software as a product an even more competitive product on the Bulgarian market. One of the key advantages of iTravel Software was the fact that the system was suitable for all types of tourist operators: incoming tour operators, outgoing tour operators as well as event organizers and travel agencies.

The cooperation has already yielded good results, brought business innovations to the Bulgarian tourism subjects, and on the other hand, ensured a breakthrough on the Bulgarian market for Lemax.



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