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Lemax guest lecturer on DevArena technology conference

Lemax participated in the presentation of FitNesse, a tool for automated acceptance testing, on the DevArena technology conference.

On 23.10.2014. the DevArena conference was held in Tuheljske Toplice. This conference traditionally gathers top experts from the IT industry and is an ideal opportunity for acquiring new knowledge from the world of development (.Net and Windows, application development and development of current technologies as well as future ones).

There were more than 200 attendees and top experts from the IT world, and one of them was Lemax, which offers IT solutions for travel agencies (iTravel Software). Having worked with Microsoft technologies for many years, this was an opportunity for Lemax to participate in a presentation of a tool called FitNesse, which is used for automated software testing. According to the lecturer Nives Bučić: This is an open source technology, which Is becoming increasingly popular in the Microsoft community.

What are the benefits of the mentioned tool? FitNesse allows easy creation and execution of automated acceptance tests for all those involved in software development. A lot was said on this subject at the conference.

More information can be found here.

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