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British tour operator TravelDay chose iTravel Software as their business solution

iTravel has proved to be the best solution for the London tour operator. Therefore, Lemax continues its breakthrough on the British market. 

British tour operator TravelDay has chosen iTravel Software as the software that will support its business processes. Travel Day, with its headquarters in London, is well known as a tour operator that delivers tourism products online. It sells travel products such as hotels, tours, group packages and is recognizable by appearing under different names (brands) Carribean ClassicsExclusive DubailowcostUSA and Luxury Indianocean.

iTravel Software has proved to be the best solution for TravelDay because it covers all the requirements of this tour operator, such as support for different brands, creating complex hotel pricelists (including special offers and various discounts) etc. Ultimately, the aim was to show all of this on online booking as well, and this is also supported in the software.

This cooperation has confirmed  that Lemax has developed a quality product. By continuing with software improvements and introducing new functionality, iTravel plans to continue its breakthrough on this foreign market.

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