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N-LAB is a privately owned company established in 1994.

Company scores stability, growth and increasing number of users on gobal market throughout each year of existence. Internal and external organization is guided by the quality management system for which N-LAB has ISO 9001:2008 certificate since 2004.

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Krešo Vrkić

Krešo Vrkić

cofounder / managing director



Cloud based database application builder and business solution.
Whether you are replacing traditional app with cloud based solution or developing new web application, n-aos cloud meets both. Brings private SQL Server database, fantastic built-in features and powerful data-driven platform for rapid web apps development.
Replace piles of spreadsheets and docs with database applications organized and centralized as You allways want and need.


is DSD (Drilling Status Dependable) expert system for real-time data acquisition, calculation, monitoring, recording, analyzing and data storage in drilling monitoring and mud logging services. It also contains several play-back application programs for semi real-time recalculation and data analysis of depth and time data bases.

UBS21 ERP & Business Applications

Produkti iz ERP obitelji Universal Business System su temeljeni na najboljoj poslovnoj praksi u svim aspektima poslovanja. Integriranost podataka i povezivanje poslovnih procesa čine ih prvim izborom u privatnom, državnom i javnom sektoru.


Customers assistance when they are building first application. Our team will help or advise or even guide new customer through the process of building and customizing application step by step. 

Standard and Premium Support for n-aos cloud and PeN-LAB system customers.


N-LAB d.o.o. Žugčićeva 22,

10040 Zagreb, HR

T: + 385(1)2949 900  |  F: + 385(1)2949 906


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