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Business Exchange helps B2B oriented SMEs, generate more qualified leads by moving their referral networks online.

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Zlatko Turkalj

Zlatko Turkalj

Managing director

Business guy. Entrepreneur since age of 23. Starting things is in his DNA. He loves marketing & sales, short macchiato with cold milk and Subaru cars. His professional goals continue to be driving innovations and improvements of web strategies that can help small businesses to market themselves better and grow sales. Passionate mountain bike rider, swimmer and former member of Croatian national rowing team on world championship,Poznan,Poland in 1995.

Toni Milovan

Toni Milovan

Lead developer & cofounder

WEB developer, unix systems manager, IT systems manager. Makes his leaving out of producing custom web solutions for over 10 years. Founder of Mackorisnik for years leading Croatian virtual community for mac users that gathers approx 6000 forum members and which was one of the most popular technology portals in region. Lead developer on 100+ commercial web projects. More down the road he was teaching at university and was chief of IT staff at university.


We actually allow B2B oriented companies to turn word of mouth recommendations into data, which can than be measured, tracked and shared. That becomes possible because of B2B model and transparent profiles. Our users can literally watch  how referrals are travelling around their referral networks and then, they can use generated qualified information to turn leads into customers. 

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Business Exchange ltd.

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Članovi udruge imaju pristup svim materijalima koje izdaje udruga, kao i „premium“ člancima na ExportBoomers blogu. Također mogu komunicirati s drugim članovima, tražiti i nuditi savjete te steći nove poslovne partnere.

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